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Ryan Nore – Artist of the Month in September

{ Posted on Oct 15 2012 by viktor.dujmovic }

Ryan NoreOn the basis of the artists’ activities on our online art community and the quality of the submitted content, Ryan Nore was the Artist of the Month in September! Ryan is a graphic artist : illustrator, caricaturist, web designer, developer and even much more! As always, he was ready to contribute to our community by answering a few questions…



Global Art Net :  Thank you Ryan for giving us the opportunity to conduct this interview with you. Could you please tell us how you started with digital art in general and caricature in particular?

World of Art

Ryan Nore : It is my pleasure! How I started in general? Well, you could say it started with my preferred method of expression being drawing, but technically it would be when I was 12 or 13 on my first computer… that being a Timex Sinclair 1000. Other than that I have been working professionally as a web designer / developer since 1998 and through that work I have been creating digital artworks for quite some time now. However, it hasn’t been until the latter part of 2011 that I have been pursuing a more personal avenue with my art works.

As for caricature speci cally? I pretty much got started with caricature as a means of  practice. Most of my work as a graphic artist was abstract design coupled with  photographic aspects. So, there wasn’t a whole lot of portraiture involved. Oh sure, you might doctor an image, make some brown eyes blue, change the hair color or something similar but nothing from the ground up. So, what better to get practice at painting people that caricature?

Global Art Net :  Looking at your artwork, it seems you work from life, from photographs and from imagination. What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?

Ryan Nore : Oh, what can I say? I get moved by genuine behavior and kindness towards others. And I can get upset rather easily because of a number of subjects / situations… the list is looong! But, I am particularly intolerant towards injustice, shallowness and the lack of concern for others.

The Latest PlagueGlobal Art Net :  The caricaturist always expresses his opinion courageously through his works whether in political, social or cultural issues. The caricature image therefore is always more informed and louder than words.

So how do you choose your characters? Is it based on a political issue or there are certain features provoke you as a caricature artist to work on?

Ryan Nore : As I said earlier, I started with caricature mainly as a form of practice, so, most subjects I chose were because I thought they would be good practice or simply that they would be fun.

But, from time to time, I am provoked because of some political, social, or economical event. And a cartoon will just pop into my head that I’ll either get started on immediately or if I am already working on something; I’ll make a note and come back to it.

Global Art Net : Could you brie y describe your work process, how long does it take to complete, and what programs / tools do you use?

Ryan Nore : My work ow and the amount of time depends on the piece. If I am doing a caricature, I collect references and do some sketches until I find the exaggerations and deformations with which I am satisfied.

If it is a cartoon / comic then I will usually already have an pretty solid idea of what I want to say and how I will illustrate it. So, it could take me a couple of hours or maybe even a day or two.

With paintings it is different and I am still struggling in this area. I get a bit impatient still, and tend to hurry and become too easily satisfied / content. So, the final result can usually be better. My paintings usually take me at least a couple of weeks.

As for software and tools, I use a Wacom Intuos 5 graphic tablet. And I use different software for different things. When I first started taking my digital pieces seriously I was using only Photoshop. However, I was never really satis ed with it. Then a caricaturist friend suggested MyPaint, which is an open-source graphics application and I like it much better. I still use Photoshop, but mainly for drawings and graphic work.

Global Art Net : Caricature as a funny, and often satirical, art may be accompanied by some humorous or strange situations. What was the weirdest, or most peculiar, situation you’ve experienced with your art?

Infant Dreams - CopRyan Nore : It has happened a few times that I have drawn a single, to three, panelled comic to actually poke fun at someone, or a certain situation involving a few people, and they laugh without ever realizing it is about them… or at least they never lead on that they knew.

Global Art Net : How do caricatures affect you and what does creating illustrations add to you as a person?

Ryan Nore : I think the answer to this is more in that I have had all kinds of jobs, things I did for money to pay the bills, and they didn’t last. The jobs that lasted the longest were those with which I could “create” in some way. So, with creating art, in general, it is the ultimate outlet of creativity for me. Illustration, in particular, the image is usually a  complementary piece that accompanies text in order to accentuate or even amplify and aspect of the story, poem, or article and when it is done well the result is almost magical. With caricature the magic comes from the reaction of the subject when they see the result. Usually! Although when you do caricatures of famous people there is usually not that opportunity so hopefully others respond well.

Global Art Net : What advice would you give to a caricaturist just starting out?

Ryan Nore : That’s a tough one! Because caricature is kind of like surrealism in the sense nobody can really say “that is not right”, “you have to do it this way” or something like that. It is not a science and a lot of people that want to get into caricature look for a formula about how to distort what part of certain people’s face… and it really doesn’t exist. But my general advice to any artist “starting out” would be to listen objectively to criticism about your artwork but that in the end you know what you wanted to
accomplish and it is mainly you that can only be the true judge of your work. So, you have to be honest with yourself first and foremost.

I repeat my thanks Ryan for this rich dialogue! I hope it will be informative for both amateur and advanced artists, caricaturists. We are honored to have you at Global Art Net and look forward to seeing your upcoming projects.

Artist’s website : Ryan Nore

Public page at Global Art Net : Ryan Nore

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  1. Thanks to ALL artists for their contribution in September, the most active besides Ryan were :
    Alan Minshull
    Dante K Taylor
    Kimberly Joyce
    Isaura Xavier de Campos
    Irina Miroshnikova
    and others…

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